Avassa Edge Platform is a container application deployment and monitoring platform,
purpose-built for the on-site edge.

Efficiently manage your on-site edge sites

  • Centralized management of your edge sites.
  • Remote and blazing-fast onboarding of new sites.
  • Application-centric and comprehensive overview of which applications run where.
  • Application resilience offline. Fault-tolerant clustering independent of internet connectivity.

Blazing-fast deployment of container applications

  • Have workloads running in tens, hundreds or thousands of locations in minutes.
  • Deploy containers to your edge based on location, hardware specifications or available devices.
  • Reuse the investments in CI/CD tooling that you already use in the cloud

Observe and monitor your on-site edge applications and infrastructure

  • Observability for your application and site health respectively.
  • Take immediate action in the event of an incident.
  • Significant reduce time-to-restore.



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