June 2023: Feature releases & highlights

Our release before the famous Swedish summer comes with versioned vaults: We have merged un-versioned and versioned vaults so that you now always get a versioned vault. This gives you the benefit to return to a previous value in your secrets store.

Versioned vaults

Previously Avassa provided two kinds of vaults, with or without versioning the secrets. We have merged this, so now, there is only one kind of vault, which is versioned. You can continue using the vault functionality without explicitly working with versions. Versioned vaults benefit you from returning to a previous version of a secret in your applications.

When you create a vault, you can control the version history by setting max-versions: The maximum number of versions allowed to exist at any given time. Defaults to 1 if unset.

In the screenshot below, we have added two data items in a newly created secret with max-versions 3. The version number 1 is indicated after the name of the secret:

If I now modify one of the values, we get version 2 of the secret:

Note that it is the secret that is versioned and a new version is created if any data values are modified.

In edit mode, you can select a specific version

You can delete (possible to undelete) or destroy (no undelete) a specific version or destroy the complete secret store:

If I, for example, delete version 3, I get the following options:

We have also added an easy way to see which sites a secret is distributed to. Say, for example, you picked the option to distribute the secret to all sites with deployment poppers, you will get the list of actual sites:

You will also notice other user experience enhancements like better edit possibilities for secrets and feedback that a secrets data modification might restart your applications.

Summer greetings from the Avassa product and engineering team!

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