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The Avassa platform.

Distributed applications require application lifecycle management, monitoring and infrastructure services, along with secure, deep multi-tenancy. Avassa is the one, easy-to-use solution to manage distributed applications across your on-premise, co-located and public cloud compute resources. Application teams deploy, monitor and observe workloads using well-known tools and practices in environments with large numbers of locations where location matters.

How it works

A simple, but powerful solution

The Avassa Control Tower provides central management of distributed edge resources and applications through user interfaces and APIs.

The Avassa Edge Enforcer provides call-home functions, local cluster management, application placement and scheduling, and a local container registry server.

Avassa Control Tower

Self-organizing cluster management

Teams in charge of managing distributed compute resources use Control Tower to: 

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Perform administrative tasks on the distributed clusters including observing resource consumption for planning purposes and monitoring the health and resource consumption on the individual hosts
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Assemble sets of distributed hosts into groups to allow for granular resource assignments to application teams for application deployment purposes

Distributed application management

Teams in charge of managing distributed applications use Control Tower to:
Define applications in terms of constituent containers, their respective resource needs and the network topology between them
Upload, deploy and lifecycle distributed applications across distributed clusters based on the matching of declarative deployment requirements on configured or operational characteristics of hosts
Monitor the health and observe the behavior of distributed applications
  • To find out how Avassa can help your business manage complex, distributed applications, contact us.

Avassa Edge Enforcer

Container management

The Avassa Edge Enforcer is a software agent installed on all hosts providing call-home, local cluster management, application placement and scheduling, and a local container registry server.

Infrastructure services

In addition, Avassa Edge Enforcer provides local APIs for secrets management and event streaming for applications that require such services to be part of the infrastructure.