An application orchestration platform for the edge

Enable your team to orchestrate containerized application workloads using well-known tools and practices in environments with many locations and where location matters.
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Drive the ongoing success of your edge environment

Your distributed applications need lifecycle management, monitoring, along with secure, deep multi-tenancy. What if you had an easy-to-use tool for managing all your containerized applications at the edge, while using the same tooling you’ve come to love from central cloud environments?

Avassa’s application-centric platform helps you manage and monitor your containerized edge applications. With applications deployed in many locations, you need extra care and control. Avassa provides this, with placement and versioning functionality as easy to understand as turn-by-turn driving directions.

Using its two software components, the Control Tower and the Edge Enforcer, the Avassa platform employs agile cloud processes for simple, efficient, and secure application orchestration.

Be in control

Control Tower

The Avassa Control Tower, available as a service or installed on your private data center, does what it says: it controls your distributed edge resources and containerized applications through user interfaces and APIs.

Self-organizing site management

Teams in charge of managing distributed compute resources use the Control Tower to:

  • Perform administrative tasks on the distributed clusters including observing resource consumption for planning purposes and monitoring the health and resource consumption of the individual hosts.
  • Assemble sets of distributed hosts into sites to allow for granular resource assignments to application teams for application deployment purposes

Distributed application management

Teams in charge of managing containerized applications use the Control Tower to:

  • Define applications in terms of constituent containers, their respective resource needs
  • Upload, deploy, and lifecycle containerized applications across distributed clusters based on the matching of declarative deployment requirements on configured or operational characteristics of hosts.
  • Monitor the health and observe the behavior of containerized applications.


Edge Enforcer

The Edge Enforcer is a software agent installed on all hosts in all edge sites. Edge sites can be any set of hosts where you want to run containerized applications, such as on-prem, co-located compute, or public clouds.

Edge enforcer provides zero-touch host registration functions, local cluster management, application placement and scheduling, and a local container registry. In addition, the Edge Enforcer provides local APIs for secrets management and distributed event streaming for applications that require such services.

Container management

The Avassa Edge Enforcer is a container application installed on each host, enabling unique autonomy and application continuity — while having a uniquely small performance footprint. It provides call-home, local cluster management, application placement and scheduling, and a local container registry endpoint.

Infrastructure services

In addition, the Edge Enforcer provides cluster-local features and APIs for secrets management and event streaming for applications that require such services to be part of the infrastructure.

Data sheet

Operating applications at the distributed edge

Here you can access and download our data sheet for the Avassa Platform to get this information to-go.

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