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Deploy. upgrade. Observe.

Enable your team to orchestrate containerized application workloads using well-known tools and practices in environments with many locations and where location matters.

Drive the ongoing success of your edge

Your distributed applications need lifecycle management, monitoring, and secure, deep multi-tenancy.

But what if you had an easy-to-use tool for managing all your containerized applications at the edge, while extending the same tooling you’ve come to love from central cloud environments?

Avassa’s application-centric platform helps you manage and monitor your containerized edge applications. With applications deployed in many locations, you need extra care and control. Avassa provides automated and efficient placement and versioning functionality of containers as well as the ability to monitor and observe application health with ease.

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Targeted deployments

End-to-end automation radically reduces the manual work needed to manage applications at scale.

Monitoring & observability

Proactively monitor your edge applications, as well as the edge hosts and the dependencies in between.

defining edge

Defining the edge in edge computing

Using the right words is essential, but in most cases, one word means different things to different people. Let’s sort things out, and define the ‘edge’ in edge computing.

in cloud

Control Tower

The Avassa Control Tower, available as a service or installed on your private data center, does what it says: it controls your distributed edge resources and containerized applications through user interfaces and APIs.

Edge Cloud Management

Teams in charge of managing distributed compute resources use the Control Tower to:

  • Assemble sets of distributed hosts into sites to allow for granular resource assignments for application deployment purposes
  • Monitoring the health of the sites and hosts.
  • Perform administrative tasks on the distributed clusters including observing resource consumption for planning purposes or planned maintenance activities without impacting application availability

Application Lifecycle

Teams in charge of managing containerized applications use the Control Tower to:

  • Define applications in terms of constituent containers, associated configuration, and their resource needs.
  • Declaratively define deployments across your edge based on label matching. Labels can either be administratively set up or refer to automatically discovered available resources of the hosts.
  • Deploy, upgrade and change the containerized applications across distributed clusters.
  • Monitor the health and observe the behavior of containerized applications.

Common requirements for edge applications are distributed event streaming and secrets management. The Control Tower manages a central repository of secrets that can be selectively distributed to sites and applications with strong security. Each edge site has a local event bus which can be efficiently queried from the Control Tower.


Edge Enforcer

The Avassa Edge Enforcer is a container application installed on each host, enabling unique edge site autonomy and application continuity — while having a uniquely small performance footprint.

Avassa Edge Enforcer is a key differentiator compared to many other over-the-top or fleet management solutions in that it removes the burden of managing a complex software stack on the edge sites. The Control Tower performs automatic upgrades of the Edge Enforcer.

Cluster Management

Edge Enforcer provides automatic call-home, local cluster management, including state replication and a local container registry so that applications can be rescheduled across hosts. It also configures all site required networking including an embedded DNS service. The Edge Enforcer also proactively monitors the edge hosts and the site.

Application Scheduling

Edge Enforcer enables autonomous edge applications. On a request from the Control Tower, it automatically schedules container applications on the edge hosts. Automatic fail-over and migration is built-in as well as local edge site monitoring. The Edge Enforcer also discovers local devices such as GPUs or cameras so they can be mounted in your applications. Local host resources are managed to slice available resources between applications and tenants.

The Edge Enforcer provides cluster-local event streaming and secrets management. Secrets and events are autonomously maintained on the site. The events can be distributed to your central solution. Secrets, in contrast, are configured centrally and securely distributed to the sites.

Data sheet

Operating applications at the distributed edge

Here you can access and download our data sheet for the Avassa Platform to get this information to-go.


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