Edge Application Management in 5G & Service Providers

Your 5G edge.

In order to efficiently deploy and operate the 5G network service providers need a solution that efficiently can orchestrate containers at the edge. MEC orchestration and vDU container management requires a solution that manages the complete container lifecycle management: define, deploy, monitor, upgrade.

Avassa can complement solutions for the 5G central core orchestration with a purpose built container orchestrator for the edge. Avassa drastically reduces the operational pain to manage the distributed edge sites.Avassa enables business use cases around private 5G. It enables self-service portals to end-customers for deploying container workloads on the private 5G infrastructure.

  • Remote management, installations and onboarding of new sites
  • Declarative deployments and upgrades of containerized applications and CNFs
  • Small footprint purpose-built for far-edge installations
  • Comprehensive overview and control of which applications run where
  • Distributed security ensures a robust security posture in the event of physical theft
  • Edge-native monitoring and observability
  • Multi-tenancy enabling new business models for enterprise services

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