Management of massively distributed edge clouds

your distributed edge cloud experience

Avassa enables you to provide a secure, open and robust edge cloud experience for your internal and external application owner teams across large-scale micro-datacenter environments.

when location truly matters

Done right, the distributed edge cloud approach provides increased autonomy, resiliency and data privacy paired with blazing fast local execution. Additionally, local laws and regulations may demand applications and data to stay within well-defined administrative boundaries of enterprises.

delight application owner teams

Avassa enables infrastructure and operations teams to efficiently deploy, monitor and observe their modern container applications at scale across massively distributed locations.

self-organizing edge clusters

Avassa turns distributed compute resources into self-organizing virtual micro-datacenters for shared and dedicated application execution. Micro-datacenters can be of various sizes, ranging from a single to dozens of compute hosts.
With Avassa you turn distributed resources into your own edge cloud layer allowing users, devices and equipment to interact with locally placed applications, as well as with public clouds.

Operationalize your distributed edge cloud

Onboard your virtual and physical micro-datacenters into a consistent distributed edge cloud management experience. Provide application teams with secure and isolated access across distributed resources, and control their unique individual views of your edge cloud.


Autonomous execution and control of container applications in each micro-datacenter. Enable applications to run even though connectivity to the outside world is broken, for minutes, hours, days, and longer.


Deep operational observability of running applications and workloads across massively distributed micro-datacenters and application execution layers.


Lean, edge-native execution footprint with minimal overhead in each micro-datacenter including distributed secrets management and event log streaming services.


Enable internal and external application owner tenants to securely deploy, manage and observe applications. Tenants are deeply isolated across distributed shared micro-datacenter resources.


Detailed view of edge cloud, tenant, and application level consumption and monetization events for flexible value chain establishment. 


Out-of-the-box integrations with modern application management tools and public clouds. Plugs into a variety of CI/CD pipelines for an automated and complete software lifecycle management experience.


Secure support for many application owners across shared edge cloud. Distributed secrets management with cryptographic tenant and micro datacenter isolation.


Built for massive scale and infrastructure-as-code operations. The self-organizing onboarding process efficiently operationalizes heterogenous resources into multi-tenant container execution micro-datacenters.

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