avassas edge definition

Which edge do you use with Avassa?

Avassa provides a platform to manage container applications running your on-site edge, on enterprise-managed infrastructure.

avassas edge

The Avassa platform addresses the challenges of running container applications on many edge locations. It gives a complete solution from managing the autonomous clusters on-site, as well as multi-cluster management across sites. Most importantly, it enables fast and easy edge application life-cycle management. The central Avassa orchestrator, Control Tower is offered as a cloud based solution. The local cluster manager, Edge Enforcer is installed on your edge compute.

defining edge

Defining the edge in edge computing

Using the right words is essential, but in most cases, one word means different things to different people. Let’s sort things out, and define the ‘edge’ in edge computing.

While Avassa is not targeting to life-cycle your devices, the platform supports device discovery and mounting them to your container application.


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