Avassa Edge Platform Product Tour

Let’s take a tour through the Avassa Edge Platform. We start off by onboarding sites, defining applications, and deploying them. We also cover observability and offline capabilities features. 

Take a self-guided tour through our Edge Platform or schedule a live demo today to get answers to any questions.

1. Onboarding an edge site using the Avassa Edge Platform

This step-by-step video shows how to onboard a new site using the Avassa Control Tower. We assign the site labels and create a self-organizing site with three hosts.

2. Defining and deploying an application using the Avassa Edge Platform

Once sites are onboarded, we’re ready to start defining and deploying applications. In this video, we show how to manually deploy applications using label matching, this can also be scheduled using your existing CI/CD pipeline.

3. Updating an application using the Avassa Edge Platform

Innovation assumes new application versions. Using the same sites and applications onboarded and defined above, we show you how to push new versions of running applications through rolling upgrades without operational impact or on-site IT staff needs. 

4. A more realistic application example

Let’s have a look at a more realistic application example and how it can be defined, deployed, and upgraded using the Avassa Edge Platform.

5. Site and application observability at the edge

To achieve operational excellence, observability is key. In this video, we walk through how to monitor and observe both edge sites as well as the applications running in tens, hundreds, or thousands of locations. 

6. Multi-tenancy using the Avassa Edge Platform part 1

Different application teams have different needs and different resource allocations. This video shows you how to set up new tenants and manage your existing ones using the Avassa Control Tower.

7. Offline capabilities in the Avassa Edge Platform part 1

There will be downtime at the edge. It’s not a matter of if, but when and where. In this demo, we show you how our self-healing clusters ensure application availability throughout disruptions in the upstream connectivity. 

8. Offline capabilities in the Avassa Edge Platform part 2

There will be downtime at the edge. In this demo, we show you can perform local updates when the site is disconnected from the centralized cloud or the internet.

Edge Field Day 1: Take a deeper technical dive into the Avassa Edge Platform with this video playlist.

Watch all 5 demos from Avassa’s participation in Edge Field Day 1, streamed from San Fransisco in February 2023.


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