Why Avassa?

Managing distributed edge clouds should be simple. Boost your speed and ability for innovation by unlocking the cloud operating model for edge applications.

Reap the benefits of edge computing

The cloud operating model forever changed the IT industry, and for the better. It revolutionized the way your teams worked and introduced new tools and processes that allowed you to do things you’d only dreamed of before.

Looking beyond the centralized paradigm led by hyperscaler clouds, the need to run applications across many resource-constrained sites is growing. What drives this need varies across verticals, and commonalities include:

  • The need to operate and control applications without relying on centralized resources
  • Resilience for internet connectivity disruptions
  • Data and applications kept local for performance and data contextualization
  • Demands met on data privacy and regulations

Entering: edge computing.

How it works

Meet the Avassa platform

The Avassa platform creates a bridge between modern application development and operations and the distributed edge cloud. It’s an easy-to-use platform that merges what you loved from the cloud with the benefits you gain when your applications are placed at the source of data.

How we are different

Traditional lifecycle management tools weren’t designed for edge computing environments, where applications are replicated across many locations with limited compute resources in each. If trying to apply the orchestration solution from the centralized environment also to the edge, you risk ending up with fragmented tooling, significant operational overhead, and missed opportunities. Avassa however was made for the edge. Your application teams can apply the same deep automation they are used to, but with a declarative configuration in distributed environments, where application location matters. It’s easier. It’s faster. And it’s delightful for application teams.

Application-centric automations

The Avassa platform focuses on your applications, and has an opinionated architecture to help avoid the massive complexities associated with infrastructure-centric solutions. With Avassa, you describe what applications look like and where they should run, and we make it happen. It couldn’t be simpler. This means less time configuring, and more time deploying applications.

A simple, opinionated solution

Application deployments should be automatic and easy to integrate, with widely available developer tooling to remove time-consuming intermediate steps. Applications are updated in flight, declaratively, and from a centralized location. This eliminates the need for a detailed understanding of the infrastructure or manual steps necessary to make changes.

Your platform needs to do more than just start and stop applications. Avassa’s application-oriented services include secrets management, log-streaming, and a distributed container registry. You can deploy your applications right away and avoid the management of additional infrastructure. Say goodbye to costly application orchestration through on-site updates with pesky USB sticks!

Integrated security equals reliable security

If solid security measures are deeply integrated in a solution, it will be pervasive throughout the platform and the way your data is managed. This is how we do it. When your infrastructure is built on zero-trust, you get layers of security across sites and tenants. Not only does this safeguard your applications, but minimizes the amount of manual work needed. You don’t need to worry about integrating security features across many different components or managing that security manually.

With applications running at the distributed edge, it’s easy to incorporate your edge infrastructure into your overall sustainability policy. You can say goodbye to the overhead costs from unnecessary workload transfers and say hello to the cost and energy savings you get when you don’t have to move data back and forth from a centralized data center more than needed.

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We are Avassa

Avassa empowers businesses to bridge the gap between modern containerized applications development and operations, and the distributed edge infrastructure. Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Avassa was founded in 2020 and is a privately held company funded by Fairpoint Capital and Industrifonden.