Avassa and Hivecell enter partnership — unlocking cloud-based application orchestration reaching all the way to the edge

BEACON, N.Y. and STOCKHOLM, SWE. (May 10th, 2022) – Avassa, provider of an application-centric edge PaaS, and Hivecell, edge-as-a-service provider, enters partnership.

New York-based Edge-as-a-Service provider Hivecell and Swedish application-centric edge platform vendor Avassa are dedicated to creating innovative edge computing solutions to meet today’s growing digital demands. Together, the two companies enter into a partnership to build an efficient and secure way for organizations to deploy their software applications and orchestrate their edge applications at scale.

When using Hivecell at the edge, organizations have easy access to a modern edge infrastructure with a flexibility otherwise only known from centralized clouds. Hivecell’s Edge-as-a-Service platform enables companies to scale their edge infrastructure according to their needs at the data source with better bandwidth, reliability, security, compliance, latency, and costs.

Avassa enables application teams to securely and efficiently bridge their existing cloud tooling, pipeline, and processes to edge infrastructure using their application-centric edge platform. Collectively, Avassa and Hivecell create a unique way for modern applications and DevOps teams to extend their cloud tooling to the edge infrastructure and scale over time as needed.

“The edge infrastructure creates value when applications are running on top of it,” says Carl Moberg CTO and co-founder of Avassa. “Similarly, application teams require robust infrastructure to be able to move at the speed of software. Together with Hivecell, we can bridge the gap between application teams and innovative edge infrastructure — making edge computing easy and convenient for application teams. I look forward to growing our collaboration to make great edge computing solutions available for even more”.

Carl Moberg, CTO of Avassa

In combination, Avassa’s edge application orchestration platform and Hivecell Edge-as-a-Service increase efficiency through the management of an organization’s edge technology stack — all the way from hardware to applications.

Jeffrey Ricker, CEO of Hivecell

“The edge is not a data center,” states Jeffrey Ricker, CEO of Hivecell. “It is a thousand retail stores. It is hundreds of stations on a factory floor. It is oil fields and ships at sea. Deploying production software to the edge is a whole new challenge for companies and their DevOps teams. Hivecell and Avassa provide a new, practical and complete approach to meet this challenge head on today.”

About Hivecell
Hivecell is the Edge-as-a-Service company redefining the category of edge computing with easy-to-deploy, future-proofed, technology agnostic solutions empowering companies to scale infinitely and save massive amounts of resources in their management and processing of big data. It takes compute power out of the data center and places it at the true edge, enabling companies to efficiently manage thousands of remote locations without the use of a huge IT team and at 50 percent of the cost of traditional cloud providers. To learn more visit, www.hivecell.com.

About Avassa
Application development and operations teams want to build on modern tools and ways of working. By embracing automation across developing, testing, and releasing applications, DevOps teams can reduce the time between adding new features in code and putting it in production at the edge. Avassa empowers businesses to bridge the gap between modern containerized applications development and operations and the distributed edge infrastructure. Founded in 2020, and based in Stockholm, Sweden, Avassa aims to unlock the cloud operating model for edge applications everywhere. Learn more at avassa.io.


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