Avassa CTO presenting at Edge Computing World

Since founding Avassa we have gotten to know a whole new part of the software industry, namely the growing set of people that care deeply about distributed edge environments.

It still consists of a relatively small number of people that spend our days obsessing over e.g. placement strategies, scaling properties in the distributed domain and what observability should look like when you have application replicas in thousands of places.

One of the teams of people that consistently have come up on our radar as someone providing useful meeting places is Topio Networks. They are hard at work creating the kind of virtual water coolers and events that is the foundation of any vibrant community with specific interests. We like their work.

Therefore, I was very happy to be accepted as a speaker at their upcoming Edge Computing World 2021, a virtual event taking place October 12-15. Registration is open, and the event is free to attend.

Looking through the list of distinguished speakers, I am even more excited for us to be throwing our edge-hat (hmmm…) in the ring. With a line-up including speakers from companies like McDonald’s, BP, Siemens, Intel, and Equinix I believe this will be an interesting event.

And while I haven’t finalized the content of my presentation yet, you can trust that I will share our vision on what a simple and secure solution for managing containers in distributed environments should look like. And hopefully, that will drive an exciting and forward-looking conversation on where the industry needs to go to make these kinds of environments readily available to application teams with the same ease as the public cloud services.

Hope to see you in the audience (column for now) on October 12!