Avassa Joins Trustworthy Edge Computing Systems and Applications (TECoSA)

We are delighted to announce that Avassa is now an industry member of the Center for Trustworthy Edge Computing Systems and Applications (TECoSA), a research center at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

The aim of TECoSA is to bring together academia and industrial partners to provide methods, tools and theory for building safe, secure and predictable systems relying on edge computing.

TECoSA is an ambitious research initiative aiming at opening up new avenues of research around edge computing and its applications. And to do this while pushing the academic and industrial communities to pick up on the research results and make them directly applicable across various industrial fields.

Reaching these goals requires an open and ergonomic environment for the teams to work in. An environment that allows the researchers and industry partners to efficiently collaborate and practically validate the results of their tasks. At TECoSA, this component is called the Open Experimental Edge Environment.

At Avassa we are working hard towards providing the necessary tools to make managing applications on distributed edge clouds simple, secure and a natural extension of existing application environments in public and private clouds. We know the path to building a loveable solution goes through the hearts and minds of the application developers and application operation teams in charge of developing and operating edge-native applications.

As a team, we jumped on the opportunity to contribute to the goals of the center by providing access to our platform as part of the Edge Environment. Working with the talented team of researchers at TECoSA gave us further confidence that by joining as an industrial partner we would be able to share our experiences around how applications can leverage edge environments while being exposed to the requirements from applications from the researchers and partners.

If you want to know more about TECoSA and what we are doing in the project, or simply hear more about the Avassa solution, get in contact. And follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter to keep up to date with all things Avassa.