Avassa launches unique feature bundle for offline application operations

As edge computing continues to evolve rapidly, a new generation of edge-native features is driving technological advancement, supplementing the already substantial cloud-native technology landscape. Avassa, a leader in application and infrastructure management, is introducing a distinctive set of features specifically designed to manage applications in offline scenarios, a common challenge in on-site edge computing.

An industry-first solution that provides unique application resilience

Numerous factors drive the deployment of applications at the edge, with considerations such as latency, bandwidth, and security often taking center stage. However, one crucial yet at times overlooked aspect, that significantly influences operational robustness, is the ability to operate applications through offline scenarios.

In essence, offline capabilities empower edge applications to navigate through potential inconsistencies or even complete downtime in connectivity to a central or public cloud solution. The absence of such capabilities leaves these applications vulnerable to disruptions, potentially causing a significant impact on their operational efficiency. This is particularly critical for essential functions like point-of-sale solutions, personal safety features, and other business-critical applications, where any interruption in cloud application operation at the edge could have serious consequences.

“We often get offline capabilities as a hard requirement from enterprises pursuing a project within edge computing, and for good reasons. Running applications at the on-site edge brings a whole bunch of benefits, but resilience for offline situations is one of the requirements that a cloud delivery simply cannot cater to. This new set of features is the result of user feedback and our future vision of how edge use cases will evolve. Our stellar engineering team has worked hard to deliver, and we are now proud to launch a feature set that we are unique to offer in today’s market.” says Carl Moberg CTO & co-founder of Avassa.

With this one-of-a-kind feature bundle by Avassa, enterprise IT operators can benefit from edge-native functionality to accommodate to strict requirements of offline capabilities at the edge.

Running and updating applications in an offline scenario

One can easily claim to be “edge-native” on paper, but to provide features fully purpose-built for the edge is a different story. Avassa strives to solve the real challenges of operating large-scale edge solutions with an application-first approach. The unique feature bundle from Avassa adds to their existing capabilities to centrally manage, observe, and secure applications running at the on-site edge, with sophisticated features for managing applications in offline scenarios.

The new feature bundle includes two key components:

  1. Avassa accommodates full edge site autonomy. This means applications will self-heal and migrate automatically within an edge site, even at times when there is no connectivity to the cloud. Most solutions assume connectivity to the central cloud to perform healing actions on the site. These are existing features in the Avassa Edge Platform and play a key part in a complete edge solution for managing offline capabilities.
  2. When a site is disconnected, you still might need to perform local changes like upgrading a container version or modifying the application configuration. Avassa now supports local modifications and reconciliation with the central solution when the connection is re-established.

This is a unique, industry-first solution, as many competing solutions are focused on managing each site as a data center in need of individual care, leading to configuration sprawl and operational pains. Avassa provides central management of all your sites and applications and now also allows users to manage disconnected sites with ease.

Learn more about the technical how-to’s of the features in our October feature release report: https://avassa.io/feature-releases/october-2023-feature-releases-highlights/

Or take a product demo tour here: https://avassa.io/product-demo-tour/

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About Avassa
Avassa empowers companies to bridge the gap between modern containerized applications development and operations, and distributed edge infrastructure. With their application orchestration platform for the edge, Avassa enables businesses to manage the lifecycle of edge applications efficiently, securely, and at the speed of software. Founded in 2020 and based in Stockholm, Sweden, Avassa aims to unlock the cloud operating model for edge applications everywhere and was named a Gartner® Cool Vendor in Edge Computing 2022.

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