COPA-DATA and Avassa partner up for industrial automation solutions at the edge

A key principle of edge computing is to allow applications to run where they contribute with the most value. Often, that means the environment where data is generated from various machines or devices and that — when utilized properly — can lead to massive benefits for your business. COPA-DATA, an Austrian industrial software provider of data acquisition, management, and visualization solutions, and Avassa, a Swedish provider of an edge application orchestration platform, now enter a partnership to make the edge easier to manage in an industrial context.

“We are super excited to team up with COPA-DATA and make sure their extensive range of functionality can be efficiently deployed and managed to industrial edge locations as well as aggregation datacenters. COPA-DATAs new containerized Service Engine is a perfect example of how cloud-native implementations can be easily managed in edge locations using Avassa.” says Olle Hillström, Head of Product Strategy and Customer Success at Avassa.

Through COPA-DATAs service engine, data can be acquired and processed locally from sources in edge locations, and efficiently utilized centrally in COPA-DATAs service grid. And together with Avassa’s platform, enterprises get a complete solution for managing both the data itself and the edge application lifecycle in a secure, cost-efficient, and sustainable manner.

“We look forward to working together with Avassa as their technology makes a key contribution in solving the challenges and requirements with remote and local data acquisition. We often meet the need for an efficient solution for handling deployments, updates, and changes across numerous remote sites. Avassa makes it easy to orchestrate and monitor thousands of edge devices giving us at COPA-DATA the opportunity to fully use the potential of our software solutions such as Service Grid.” says Kenneth Quinteros, Area Sales Manager at COPA-DATA.

Kenneth Quinteros
Kenneth Quinteros

While both COPA-DATA and Avassa offer fully horizontal solutions, key industries for the joint offering include manufacturing, industrial IoT, automotive, food and beverage, life science, and energy.


COPA-DATA was founded by Thomas Punzenberger in 1987 because he had a vision of a kind of software that had never been seen before. COPA-DATA turned that vision into reality with zenon — the industrial software that will make your life easier. Learn more at


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