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Extenda Retail ushers in a new era of in-store software with Avassa’s edge platform

Applying a hybrid approach combining in-store and cloud software is becoming an increasingly important part of the digital transformation of retail stores. Hosting critical application components inside the stores with cloud backups unlocks many benefits including reduced downtime and blazing-fast data processing.

Extenda Retail is an industry-leading provider of retail software. With over 40 years of experience in creating and delivering innovative point-of-sales, warehouse management, and customer loyalty solutions, they’ve established a presence in over 36 countries across the world.

Today, we are pleased to announce that Extenda Retail picks Avassa’s application orchestration platform for the edge as part of their global hybrid deployment solution for retailers.

With the Avassa platform, we are able to deploy and operate our applications at the edge with ease, using the same mechanisms we already have in place for centralized cloud delivery. This delights our engineers since the edge becomes a simple extension of the tooling and patterns they have grown to love in the cloud.” Shayne Clausson, CTO of Extenda Retail.

Shayne Clausson

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Deploying critical components of applications inside the retail store location significantly improves reliability. Traditionally, if central cloud services are not reachable for any reason the entire system becomes unavailable, which is a devastating thought for any retailer. Using Avassa, Extenda Retail can ensure application autonomy and uninterrupted operations even if the connection is lost or degraded. This enables Extenda Retail’s customers to avoid costly downtime and ensure that their systems are always available, and business-critical operations can continue without interruption.

Extenda Retail is truly ahead of their game with a hybrid delivery model for their market-leading point-of-sales. Today’s retailers simply can’t afford downtime of in-store applications, whether from a financial, brand reputation, or customer satisfaction perspective. We’re proud that the Avassa Edge Platform enables them to continue to broaden their hybrid offer,” said Olle Hillström, Head of Sales and co-founder of Avassa.

Avassa provides an application orchestration platform for edge environments, enabling users to deploy, monitor, and observe applications across tens, hundreds, or thousands of locations. While Avassa’s solution is horizontal, retail is a proven key vertical for utilizing edge use cases, with retail software often being at the heart of business-critical in-store and warehouse operations.

Leveraging Avassa’s technology for efficient, remote, and secure management of their in-store application components, Extenda Retail positions themselves as a future-proofed point-of-sales vendor, spearheading the retail industry’s transformation towards a hybrid-first model.

About extenda retail

Extenda Retail inspires retailers to go further through game-changing software, which helps retailers grow their business and optimise their customers’ experience. The extensive portfolio of solutions includes Hii Retail, retail ERP, POS (point-of-sale) & Checkout, WMS, Customer Intelligence & Loyalty, and Pharmacy software. With almost 40 years as an industry-leader in retail software development, hundreds of retail chains with a presence in over 36 countries across the globe utilise solutions by Extenda Retail.

Learn more at www.extendaretail.com or follow us on LinkedIn.


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