Helisoft choose Avassa for secure identity lifecycle management in distributed environments

Stockholm, 13 June 2022 – Avassa, provider of an application-centric edge platform, announces Helisoft, an information governance solution provider, as a recent addition to the customer base.


Helisoft, based in Sweden, provides an innovative platform for the governance of security-related and business-critical information. Their solution provides information lifecycle management for business across a variety of industries that manage sensitive data. In an effort to broaden their platform into distributed environments and on-premise infrastructure, they leveraged the Avassa platform for efficient and secure edge orchestration. They selected Avassa because of a shared vision of utilizing distributed environments, and the strength of running certain container applications at the edge and doing so with solid security measures. Henrik Johansson, CEO of Helisoft comments:

One of the key things we appreciate about Avassa is their alignment with our “need-to-know over need-to-share” philosophy. What we mean by that is that we rather unlock relevant information than lock the irrelevant information for specific users, ensuring the highest level of security. Because the Avassa platform is built with security in mind, we can extend our lifecycle management into edge environments and on-premise solutions with the same strong security we already apply in centralized environments.

Furthermore, containerization of applications is unquestionably one of the most popular approaches to accomplish efficient, robust, and secure application lifecycle management. Container applications have drastically decreased time-to-deployment for operations teams and is what enables companies to deploy at the speed of software. Helisoft offers fully cloud-native solutions, allowing their customers to easily deploy applications anywhere. And now, with Avassa, that includes distributed edge or on-prem environments.

“We are super happy to have fellow container enthusiasts onboard! Helisoft shares our ambition to enable companies to reap the innovation power of using containerized applications without having things like data privacy compliance requirements standing in the way. Their state-of-the-art identity lifecycle management solution will now run as secure and efficient in distributed environments as it does in central environments” says Olle Hillström, Head of Product Strategy and Customer Success at Avassa.

olle hillstrom
Olle Hillström, Head of Product Strategy and Customer Success at Avassa

About Helisoft

With Helisoft products and solutions, customers do not only gain the capability to apply an external control plane to their business critical information, they also gain capabilities such as information modeling, dynamic API rendering, graphical search and lot’s more functionality.

This way, not only can customers regain control over information but they can also reuse information, allowing them to venture new business cases or simply use attributes and properties in modern access solutions such dynamic access control.

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