Two is Company, Three is a Crowd: Applying a Platform Approach to Managing Applications at the Edge

Speed of innovation is top of mind for software-driven enterprises today. Being able to move at the speed of software across all platforms that contribute to the success of the company is key — including at the distributed edge.

There is value in quickly launching a self-contained first application to prove the value of edge-placed applications to internal stakeholders and to create early operational experiences. However, there is also great risk in not considering the operational situation down the line where each edge location will host many applications. In a worst-case scenario, you may find yourself stuck with many operational silos, one per application, and with significant cost and operations overhead associated with that.

This can be called the second application challenge, where being overly focussed on the speed of deployment for a first application has consequences, with the ramifications for the second application (and beyond) being ignored. In this webinar, we will work through the second application challenge and provide you with the appropriate tools to address it.

During this one-hour webinar, you will:

– Learn to identify an existing or potential case of the second application challenge in your infrastructure
– Be introduced to new ways of managing previously siloed edge applications with a platform approach
– Get familiar with real-world examples of how centralized application lifecycle management can boost innovation
– Get a demo of Avassa’s edge PaaS, demonstrating how to efficiently deal with the second application challenge


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